On Buying

(post credit to Wendy The Super Librarian — see her survey and readers’ comments at below link:


I purchase 99% of my books. The remaining 1% is winning luck from some author, or blog contest, or e-book freebies. For the buying part:

1. Stores:
a. New books – I have some favorite authors that I can not wait for paperback release so for these authors, I would buy in HB and generally purchased through my book club. Forpaperbacks purchases, my frequent shopping stores include Borders, Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

b. Used books – I’m a creature of habit, Used Book Stores (online) that I frequent are Amazon’s sellers, ebay, or Abooktrader which is an awesome site for purchasing used books — friendly, quick service and big selection of romances! There are a few UBS that I frequent in person but since they’re not so close, I don’t get to visit often enough!

3. Library – I haven’t been to a library in ages. I was a library fanatic until I moved from the city 3 years ago. Since I now live in the boondocks where the library close to me has extremely limited selection of romances I read, the trip is just not worth it to make.

4. ARCS – I don’t receive ARCs and not sure if I ever will. I’m a new blogger and not too good at reviewing books so ARCs are too much of a responsibility for me to take on.

5. Ebooks – I’m not 100% fully converted but the Kindle (nameless at this time) is becoming my new best friend. Bff, I heart you for saving me space, time, and patience (okay sometimes) but oh the full retail price spent on some books hurts!

My e-reading device is my iphone and laptop. But with DRM and me being very techno-challenged, I’m not a fan of ebooks because I’m afraid that I will break my device one day and all the books I purchased can not be accessible again. Also, I’m not fond of the fact that DRM makes it hard for me to read my books on different devices. Besides, I like the feel of a book in my hands so reading is just not the same when I can’t turn the pages!

6. Audiobooks – I don’t listen to audiobooks. I prefer to read and make my own interpretations of the charactes than have one read and impersonated to me.

So there you have it, I support my own reading habit. Though I need to cut down on my book buying urges. I’ve become very impatient in the past two years so I have been buying books soon as I hear about them. And as I don’t like to get rid of books because 1- I’m afraid I will want to read them again someday and 2- I’m too cheap to cough up $$ twice so…I keep them. Currently, all my books are stored in boxes in my basement. Yes, what horror! I need me some shelves!


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