Mini Snip #2

Posted on February 24, 2011


Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr

Jerry smiled at her. “If you like hanging out at farms, you’re going to make plenty of friends around here.  Lots of farm kids around here.”

“Yeah, well.  I have exactly one friend so far.”

“But do you trust her? Like her? Is she a good person?”  Jerry asked.

“She is good. Kind of lame and dorky, but she wouldn’t know how to be a bad person.”

“I’m going to tell you something that might be a little hard for you to buy into right now, but a couple of good, trustworthy, loyal friends – it’s a lot.  In junior high and high school, kids collect friends in such big numbers it sometimes seems ridiculous to think you could get by on just a couple of good ones.  But really, one good friend rather than a dozen you’re not too sure of – no contest.”

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