News: You Belong to Me by Karen Rose

Posted on January 10, 2011


And finally we have an update on Karen Rose’s upcoming book, You Belong to Me, which was released hardcover in the U.K. on January 6, 2011. The U.S. release is in paperback but not until June 7, 2011. I am double ecstatic to read this book now that we have information on the storyline. Below is a portion of Karen Rose’s interview at UK’s Crime Time Magazine:

YOU BELONG TO ME – my latest book – is the story of revenge served 21 years late. It’s based on a real event that occurred on the West Coast of the US about a year ago. A teenage girl was assaulted by a group after a Homecoming dance. Several teens and adults took part in the attack, which left the victim in critical condition. As horrific as the attack was, it was made even worse by the group of up to twenty onlookers who watched. Some cheered. Not one tried to stop the attack or even called for help. Reading the newspaper articles about this event left me shaken. I wondered how human beings could stand and watch and do nothing. In this day when everyone carries a cell phone, a 911 call could have been made in secret – nobody had to know who reported it. Some of the attackers were caught, but it was doubtful at the time that the onlookers could be prosecuted.

And I thought, “If I were the girl’s parent, I’d want to know who those people who watched were. I’d want them prosecuted. I’d want justice. I’d want them to pay.”

The crime in YOU BELONG TO ME is a similar one, an assault that took place 21 years in the past. The killer is angry and has a long list of people that need to pay. Unfortunately, heroine Lucy Trask, Baltimore medical examiner, is on that list. She and homicide detective JD Fitzpatrick have to find the killer and determine why Lucy’s a target before all the names on the list are crossed off.

Setting a book in Baltimore was a lot of fun. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up between Baltimore and Washington, DC. All the scenes set on the Chesapeake Bay were like returning home….

Ah, the story sounds intense!  I am excited.  Are you excited?  [I know I’ve said that earlier but you will have to excuse my fan girl excitement because it can’t be helped]  If you haven’t read Karen Rose’s books before, please check out her earlier books on her website.  She has quite a list of goodies to check out before You Belong to Me is release in June, 2011If you  need a recommendation, Count to Ten is one of my favorites book to read ever.  I’ve re-read that book so many times I lost track of the count and no longer bother to keep track.  Lol.

To read the rest of the article, click on the link: Karen Rose Talks To Crime Time