Review: Yours for the Taking by Robin Kaye

Posted on January 6, 2011


Series: Domestic God #4

Hero: Ben Walsh

Heroine: Gina Reyez

Gina is convinced that he is either gay… or her perfect match

Administrative assistant Gina accepts a marriage of convenience with gallery owner Ben Walsh so she can get out of debt. Besides, with his beautiful apartment, art collection, and impressive culinary skills, Gina’s convinced the sexy bachelor is gay. Ben needs to be married before the year is out to prevent his grandfather from selling his inheritance, so he takes Gina to meet his grandfather in Idaho-or, as the city girl refers to it, Hell on Earth. But there Gina realizes Ben’s every bit a hot, straight man, and Ben begins to think a real marriage with Gina just might be possible after all..

This is the fourth book in the Domestic God series.  I read the first book and enjoyed it but the second and third book were “meh” reads to me.  I didn’t plan on following up on any of the subsequent books but at loose end and with Amazon recommending Yours for the Taking to me each time I visited the site I had to buy the book to stop it from popping up.  Okay, not really.  I couldn’t resist the sample chapter that I downloaded and said what the heck, why not.  I was paying with a gift card anyway.

The beginning started off well.  Ben is a very likeable hero, one who is very GQish and “too perfect to be straight”.  At least that’s what Gina thinks.  After all, what straight guy dresses well, cooks well, decorates his home beautifully without help, is well-mannered, caring, and sensitive?  And so began the marriage of convenience between Ben and Gina.  Ben is in need of a temporary wife in order to inherit the land of his childhood and Gina needs money to help her family.  Since Gina thinks Ben is gay her presumption works in his favor for a marriage in name only even though it was choking him to show her the truth.

I enjoyed getting to know Ben and the surrogate family he grew up with – Katie, the housekeeper who raised him and her four children who are his siblings in heart if not in blood.  The Kincaid children – Hunter, Trapper, Fisher, and Karma – are a hoot and I wanted more scenes with them.

There was no character development for Gina.  When she appeared in the previous books I didn’t like her much and was dismayed to learn later that she was getting her own story.  Picking up the book,  I had hopes that there would be more to Gina that would make her likeable but all that was shown was her love for her family but even then that didn’t satisfy.  So when Ben said the three big words to Gina first I was totally blown away.  I was in disbelief of his feelings more so than Gina was;  I couldn’t relate to how he came to love her.

To add wound to my disbelief was the conflict that split their relationship in seconds [or is that add salt hmm?].  I found Gina’s reaction to Ben accusing her of stealing from him a cop-out.  Granted, a man should not be so quick to accuse the woman he claim to love but faced with evidence that was very damning, I couldn’t blame him.  Gina running away the way she did, I could.  When Katie and Karma turned on him and supported Gina it made me scratch my head painfully.  My mind just couldn’t get over how the two most important people in his life turned on him for a woman they were acquainted for a few days and one who married him for money.

Where Gina’s feelings for Ben was concerned, I had no doubts.  Who wouldn’t love a guy who is rich, good looking, smart, neat, and can cook?  But still, her feelings does not make for the entire relationship.  I was not convinced of what Ben saw in Gina.  Combined with that, I felt that their dispute was made bigger than it needed to be and likely orchestrated to move the story forward.  As a result, the ensuing events were rushed before I could start to believe in Ben’s feelings for Gina.  The ever after was forced the way I saw it.

BUT — despite all that I couldn’t relate to I am looking forward to reading Ms. Kaye’s next set of books.  According to the latest update from her newsletter a spinoff series featuring the Kincaid siblings is coming.  Yesss.  Hunter, Trapper, Fisher, and Karma are getting their own stories in the Domestic Gods Gone Wild series.  I couldn’t be happier when I read the news! The first book is titled On The Wild Side but the release date is to be determined.  I’m curious as to who will take the lead in this new series.  Will Gina’s family search yield results in the first book or will it be a continuing mystery throughout the new series?  Questions questions questions.  I hope this new series will be good.

Grading: C

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