Christmas 2010 + November Reads

Posted on December 27, 2010


~ Well, 2010 Christmas has come and gone and it was a quiet one for us as oppose to prior years. One difference this year is that my older brother and his family were not able to join us so there were no little ones running around. On the other hand, my dad actually joined us this year instead of visiting my half-brother and his family who lives out of state as was his norm for the past three years. It was nice to have him over since we don’t get to see much of him.  I cooked again for Christmas but it wasn’t anything complicated as I chose Cambodian dishes that I was more familiar with. The gifts I received this year were quite a surprise though. One of my favorites is a new Kindle cover, the lighted leather cover in brown.  Since I am returning my cover due to a recent Amazon announcement, my new lighted cover serves as a dual gift because now I also have a light for when I want to read at night…or in the dark.  Yay for  more reading!

~ So we all know that I love reading but reviewing those books I’ve read is something else altogether.  Lack of time + low memory = empty reviews.  I’ve decided to do something different now — instead of monthly posts of books read, it’s easier (on me) to keep a total compilation of the books I’ve read in one post.  Because by the time I get to summarizing books I’ve read, I can barely recall the plots much less details.  The monthly posts have taken longer and later to write-up because I’m not good at remembering what I read last week much less last month.  Up above, I have a link On 2010 Reads – a central location for easy access to book titles I read throughout the 2010 year, including links to any books that I’ve reviewed.  This way, I can still share what I read without worrying about when and what to summarize when I post it up.  I will also be updating for 2011 as each month comes.

From November reads, I highly recommend:

1- Passions of a Wicked Earl by Lorraine Heath (B+).  There is much character growth and a buildup of romance between the hero and his heroine.  Check out Nath’s review here for an awesome and in-depth review of the story. Historical romance is not my first pick for reading and I’m not always open-minded to trying a new (to me) historical author either but Passions of a Wicked Earl is one novel I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on.  Thanks, Nath, for the recommendation!

2- Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey (B+).  If you love humor, family relationships, and great chemistry between the h/h, this book is one you wouldn’t want to miss either. I chuckled my way throughout the entire reading!

In total for November, number of books:

• read for the month = 16

• purchased = 37, of which freebies = 11,

• read from new purchases = 14,

• read from previous TBR pile = 2,

• addition to TBR pile = 23