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Posted on December 21, 2010


I have become a major slacker. My to-do list is long as ever. My house is a mess, not all the goodies have been wrapped, the wedding thank you cards are still in their boxes and buried in the back of the closet, I haven’t planned the menu much less gone food shopping for the Christmas meal, and then there’s the holiday cards and we’re less than a week from Christmas! Oh, and WordPress changed my layout theme and I can’t bring myself to look for something new or even attempt to re-write the code. I’m just so– unmotivated!

But hey, a cheerier topic…my reading has picked up a bit better lately. I’m also picking up quite a number of new-to-me authors at same time. I haven’t been able to read the paperbacks in my TBR queu [*cough* I’m addicted to the Kindle] and so I’ve been scouring review sites and Amazon for book recommendations. Below are some of the new-to-me authors I have picked up:

1~ Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey, an endearing contemporary novel involving a family who loves combining camping with four-wheeling. All the family members participate in the four-wheeling including the youngest child at 7 years old to the eldest members, the grandparents. The family dynamics is hilarious and the hero is yummylicious. I love me a hero who’s never forgotten the first girl who broke his heart. Joe’s love for Keri really pulls at my heart and this is one book that I am sure I will re-read many times over.

2~ Unguarded by Tracy Wolff is a December 2010  release about a younger hero and older heroine. I’m not a fan of this age pairing but the combination of suicide and rape pasts caught my interest. I was intrigued to see how the author would handle two tragic topics and I was not disappointed. Ms. Wolff had me so enamored of the hero that I’ve all but forgotten his age gap with the heroine.

3~ Magnate’s Make-Believe Mistress by Bronwyn Jameson was a Dear Author Top Reads of 2009 (recommended by Jane).  The story here revolved around a case of mistaken identity…twice-over. The twist in the mistaken identity really had me smiling at the author’s cleverness and I am quite anxious for the follow-up book which is not due out until sometime in 2011. Boo.

4~ The Dragon series by G.A. Aiken are just as fun a series as her Magnus Pack novels under the Shelly Laurenston name. I’ve

read the first three books in the Dragon series and her heroes and heroines are sexy and fun.  Ms. Laurenston’s trademark humor, the uniqueness of her heroines, and engaging plots are all apparent in the Dragons’ stories. I don’t hesitate to pick up a book by Laurenston or Aiken now.

7~ Eileen Wilks and her World of the Lupi series keeps me reading because the couple in the first two books, Rule and Lily, remind me a bit of Roarke and Eve from J.D. Robb In Death series. The world and the expanding characters are a bit overwhelming but I enjoy the series mainly for the couple.  I’m debating if I should check out the next two books in the series because there’s a new couple  in the focus. Hmm…

So are you all ready for the holidays? I have a week off from work next week and I am ecstatic. I plan to read, read, read!  But my plan has a small loophole. I don’t have many books in the line-up! LOL. Any great readings you would like to recommend? And what are your holiday plans? 2011 is only 2 weeks away, wow!

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