Monthly Read: October 2010

Posted on November 17, 2010


Oh boy. I only read 4, that’s right, FOUR books in October.  What a pitifully small number.  I know I had a very busy month in October but still I thought I read more books than that.  Ah well. I guess I have to make up the reading in this month and the next. Lol. Anyway, of the four books read I enjoyed the Brook and Shalvis’ books the most.

1) The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook, B+

I picked up this latest release because it is Brook’s first installment in a new series, Iron Seas, and in the new Steampunk Romance genre.  The Iron Duke is a very intriguing blend of science fiction with a twist on history.  The complex and fascinating universe involve zombies, pirates, machines and automatons. I found myself enjoying this novel quite a bit which is surprising because I’m not a fan of sci fi or zombies.  In hindsight, I thought we could use more delving into Mina’s history — how her mother reconciled with Mina and turned to loving her after her birth, how her parents came to love each other, how Mina was able to become an inspector with so much hatred against children of the Horde…

This is a 2nd new genre I tried this year and this time on my own!

2) A Fine Specimen by Lisa Marie Rice, D

Review here.

3) Simply Irresistible by Jill Shalvis, B

The first book in the Lucky Harbor series, the central plot of bringing three sisters together over an inheritance loosely reminds me of the plot of Montana Sky by Nora Roberts.  But that’s where the similarity ends.  While Montana Sky was more dark and suspenseful Simply Irresistible is a cute romance reading with quite a bit of humor. Maddie is a woman intent on rebuilding herself to a more confident woman.  She works on rebuilding the inn that she and her sisters inherited from their mother.  Thrown in the mix is Jax, a drool-worthy sexy carpenter, with oodles of patience, charm, and kindness. Jax is known for helping those in need. Jax not only helps Maddie with her renovation project but to overcome an abusive past…turns out Maddie isn’t quite so mousy with Jax when he flex a different set of tools! haha

4) Never As It Seems by Shiloh Walker, C-

I really enjoy Ms. Walker’s writing but this story took quite a bit to get through even despite the short length.  I thought Leo and Chloe needed more time to talk things out before they jumped into bed together again especially considering the abrupt way he left her after she confided to him about her abilities. Another thing I couldn’t wrap my mind around was the appearance of the true villain and the subsequent twist in the plot.  I felt that both came about abruptly and thus disconnected me from the story.

For October, total number of books:

• purchased = 10,

• read from new purchases = 4,

• read from previous TBR pile = 0,

• addition to TBR pile = 6.

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do but this time they don’t pile all over the house as all purchases were for the Kindle! 🙂

And would this cake be something that Laurel @Vows would make? J/k. It’s not elaborate enough but I heart it anyway.