Monthly Read: May 2010

Posted on June 24, 2010


I’m going to give everyone a break and not start off this post whining about my lack of posting. Instead, we’ll just jump directly to my extremely tardy May Monthly Reads list. Lol.

I read a total of 17 books in May:

1)      Skintight by Susan Andersen, C-

2)      Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews, A

Review here.

3)      Haunted by Kelley Armstrong, C+

4)      A Lady’s Guide to Improper Behavior by Suzanne Enoch, C-

5)      Nothing but Trouble by Rachel Gibson, C

6)      C.J.’s Fate by Kay Hooper, C

7)      Hunting Fear by Kay Hooper, B-

8)      Sense of Evil by Kay Hooper, B

9)      Sleeping with Fear by Kay Hooper, C

10)   Touching Evil by Kay Hooper, B+

11)   Whisper of Evil by Kay Hooper, B-

12)   The Billionaire’s Baby Plan by Allison Leigh, B-

13)   Chasing Perfect by Susan  Mallery, C+

14)   Tempt Me by Lucy Monroe, C

15)   Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn, B-

16)   Silent Scream by Karen Rose, B+

17)   Aftershocks by Jill Shalvis, B

The summary:

| LEAST ENJOYABLE | Skintight by Susan Andersen was the least enjoyable book this past month.  I’m not a fan of the step-mother and step-son coupling, and combined with the heroine being a topless dancer and the hero a professional gambler, I had quite a few misgivings going into reading the story.  I don’t have anything against the hero and heroine’s occupations but the disconnection with their profession that combined with the lack of character development I couldn’t like the characters.  I also found little substance in the “attraction” between Jax and Treena, and the secret that drives the plot.

| MOST ENJOYABLE | Hands down Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews is the most enjoyable and memorable of the May readings.  The 4th installment in the Kate Daniels series is all that I anticipated plus much, much more.  Never had an author given so much in one book – a treasure troves of plot, characters, friendship and relationships development.

| HONORABLE MENTION | David was the hero on many a sidelines in the past several of Karen Rose’s releases.  In his story, readers find out what and why David appears to be the ideal man.  Below the surface, David was a man on a mission driven by internal suffering.  Guilt can wring all kinds of reactions from a person and in Silent Scream guilt is prevalent in many people and many things go right and wrong.  The action and romance are all there but the intensity that was so prominent in past books was not quite matched in this book.

| SIDE NOTE | I did a lot of glomming and alternating books between Kay Hooper and Kelley Armstrong in the past several months.  In May, it was mainly Kay Hooper.  The Evil and Fear books are paranormal mysteries that are deep on mind gaming and the use of sixth sense.  Though the extrasensory perceptions are heavily utilized Ms. Hooper explains the mechanics of the mind and its associated energies in a ways that is comprehensible.

Seeing that her earlier books are being reissued I checked out C.J.’s Fate which is classic romance involving fate, friends, and the powers of impulsiveness, persuasion, and instant attraction.  While I enjoyed getting acquainted with Ms. Hooper’s starting voice the characters and romance, though simple and sweet, is a bit cheesy for me.

For May, total number of books:

• purchased = 31,

• read from new purchases = 8,

• read from previous TBR pile = 9,

• addition to TBR pile = 21 23.

ETA: correction to # of addition to TBR pile.