Review: No Longer Mine by Shiloh Walker

Posted on June 13, 2010


This is a long overdue review from April.  When I heard the news that No Longer Mine would be re-released in print with revisions, I immediately went hunting for a copy of the book.  Shiloh Walker is one of my favorite authors who write very emotional, angsty love stories that reels you in and tugs your heart every which way.

Series: None

Hero: Wade Lightfoot

Heroine: Nikki Kline

What was Nikki supposed to do? The man she loved years ago shows up in the place she made her home, hundreds of miles from where they met, reminding her of the love they had shared and lost. Nikki doesn’t think she can cope with having to look into Wade’s eyes and see the love there. All she wants to do is be left alone to protect what is left of her heart. But Wade doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer.

In No Longer Mine, Wade and Nikki are lovers about to tie the knot when the groom finds out he’s about to become a father and not of his fiancé’s baby.  During one drunken moment after a fight with Nikki, Wade sleeps with another woman who’s been after him for months.  Now another woman is pregnant with his child and, in doing the honorable thing, he breaks off with the woman he loves and marries the mother of his child.  To say Nikki was heartbroken is a vast understatement.  Nikki let her health go to the point that she was severely malnourished and was only weeks away from heart failure when she discovered that she, too, was pregnant.  Three months along.  Nikki fights for her baby’s survival without Wade.  She succeeds only to lose her child to an auto accident nearly two years later.

An already emotional story full of angst driven by the h/h past history, the green-eyed monster plays a big role in the plot and drives the hero to much irrational behaviors and harsh words.  In between rooting for the intense attraction between Nikki and Wade, I also wanted to break the two apart.  Wade was beyond extreme in his possessiveness and jealousies.  The reason that drove their fight stemmed from Nikki’s lack of virginity.  Yep, Wade was upset that Nikki was with another man before he and Nikki got together.  Then when Wade discovers that Nikki had a baby not long after they split, he automatically assumes that she found comfort and family with another man.  Nikki isn’t exactly a generous spirit and had resorted to name calling the other woman but given that she was put through the wringer days from her wedding, it was not unexpected behavior.

Though I enjoyed No Longer Mine, so many things annoyed me throughout the book. There are the constant flashbacks which I have never been a fan of, the incessant bickering between Wade and Nikki got to be aggravating, and then there was Wade’s alarming possessiveness which would smother me were he to be someone I was acquainted in real life.  Nikki’s lack of health concern for herself when their relationship goes sour the second time is also beyond comprehensible.  I can relate to losing one’s appetite during times of stress but not to the point of health breakdown.  The first time Nikki let herself go and she nearly died, I was able to read through it.  But when she withdrawn the second time, I had had enough.  When I started to grind my teeth and curled the pages, I told myself it was alright to skim read through her emotional breakdown or I was going to DNF the book.  No way.  I was not going to stop my reading all because of the heroine’s disregard for her life.  I was compelled to finish the story despite all the annoying mentions.  This is where the author’s voice speaks for herself.  Shiloh Walker has an amazing talent in drawing in her readers.  I can’t help but continue on reading whether its in laughter or sadness, smiles or tears…or vexing characters.  Lol.

Taking into consideration Wade’s psychotic jealousies, my eye-rolling at Nikki’s breakdowns, and the HEA not being quite complete (some unresolved issues, imo), the grade reflects as such.

Grading: C

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