Monthly Read: February 2010

Posted on March 28, 2010


February was a short month but March seems to have moved even quicker. I can’t believe we’re goinginto the 2nd quarter of the year already!

As always, I’m behind on my monthly reading recap. February was a good month of reading. I was able to fit in 17 books, and 6 of the authors were new-to-me. I’ve indicated which ones are new by the asterisk next to their last name.

1) Angel’s Peak by Robyn Carr, C

Review here.

2) The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Crusie, C-

A quick read and not Ms. Crusie’s best. Boring professor wanting to keep his job plays pretend relationship with flaky artist who needs to pay her rent. I couldn’t warm up to the characters and their clashing personality was too much for me to believe they could make things work.

3) Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden, B

Shifter bounty hunter and an ADA stalk her stalker who kills people as gifts for her. Simple writing yet fun.

4) Hiding in the Shadows by Kay Hooper*, B

As one woman disappears another miraculously awakens from a deep coma that had slim chances of recovery. No memory of her life but she has intimate visions of and hear voices from the woman who disappeared. Another story with a twist to the ending. Very creative blend of romance and paranormal.

5) Out of the Shadows by Kay Hooper*, B-

An FBI agent who used his lover’s sister and got most of her family killed. A sheriff and her remaining sibling go into hiding as a result. Now a small town is riddled with dead teenagers. The star crossed lovers are reunited for another killing psychic madness.

6) Stealing Shadows by Kay Hooper*, B-

Review here.

7) Branded as Trouble by Lorelei James*, B-

Hot story but angsty. Family members with similar names drives me up the wall but other than back story missed from previous books, the writing was superb.

8) Tied Up, Tied Down by Lorelei James*, B+

Dumped by the woman he played pretend to, hero disappears for a year to nurse his broken heart, and returns home to discover he’s a father to a three-month old. Loves a sexy hero with a heart.

9) Homecoming by Elizabeth Jennings*, B+

Review forthcoming.

Homecoming is the opposite of Pursuit with its lighthearted and heartwarming story of a small, utopia town and its inhabitants. A series of emails and faxes exchanges between Jack, Frederica, and her best friend starts off the first chapter and then intermittently throughout the rest of the book. The emails and faxes going back and forth may sound boring but was actually quite amusing and entertaining. Very easy, relaxing, and immensely enjoyable read.

10) Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings*, B+

Review here.

11) Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas, B+

Successful advice columnist becomes stand-in single mother to abandoned baby of younger sister who selfishly disappears without care. Gorgeous, rich playboy Texan has loads of money and falls in love with heroine. Before they hit the loving stage, hero is accused of fathering the baby, heroine has a boyfriend who refuses to let her come home with the baby and so she temporarily relocates while searching for younger sister’s baby daddy. Story features uptight heroine let loose by easy-going hero who isn’t afraid to speak of his feelings and show his possessiveness of her. Good laughs and easy reading in the heart of tough, painful realities of single motherhood and dysfunctional families.

12) Moon Craving by Lucy Monroe, B+

A heroine who is deaf but many unaware. A clan of werewolves in the open yet none are the wiser. A heartwarming love story with some semen rubbing and sniffing fetish.

13) Stolen Seduction by Elisabeth Naughton*, C

Heiress who snubs her family’s money is on a quest to solving a riddle from her late father’s will when her cousin is murdered and she is the accused. Hero is a cop who breaks the law for a woman who is obviously guilty, runs with her, and miraculously neither hero nor heroine has any trouble running from the law. Passable suspense and romance.

14) Woman on the Run by Lisa Marie Rice, B-

Witness to a high profile murder, heroine assumes new identity while awaiting trial and relocates in middle of nowhere where hero happen to hide out. The two have lots of sex and he protects her when the bad guy comes checking. Classic brooding, strong hero who is former SEAL but atypical LMR with outgoing heroine. The sex is quick and boring for an erotic romance. Nonetheless, enjoyable read for me.

15) Fantasy in Death by J.D. Robb, B

Death by game. A murder that has heroine and her team stretching her imagination to the unimaginable. More futuristic elements than previous novels.

16) Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh, A

From human to angel, an expert Guild Hunter now must learn baby steps to walk, fly, and fight with wings. In between training and exploring her new identity, heroine is invited to a ball hosted in her honor by the oldest archangels and someone is power tripping by hurting baby angels. Loving the relationship between the Archangel and his Angel even more.

17) Destiny of the Wolf by Terry Spear*, C+

Part of a triplet, heroine is investigating the death of her sister only to discover that sister had claimed her identity to claim her mate. Featured hero is alpha but not quite as alpha his mate.

Whew, that was quite a number of books to recap and I shortcut it too. I’m really doing a poor job of timely reviewing books. If only there were more hours in a day and my work IT isn’t driving my WordPress access crazy, maybe I could blog and review more.

Anyhow, of the books read –

16 of them were books purchased within the month. I purchased a lot of books in February, more than half thanks to my Abooktrader purchase. Total books purchased in February were 58 books. As you can tell, I didn’t even read half the books purchased! Lol.

ETA: Update with review comment for Homecoming by Elizabeth Jennings. I had hoped to review this book and include quotes from faxes exchanged between Jack and Frederica. Unfortunately, I can’t locate my copy of the book and I’ve turned my house upside down looking for it weeks now and still it’s missing. Maybe for a re-read.