Mini Review: Entangled by Kathleen Dante

Posted on March 21, 2010


Series: En #1

Hero: John Atlantis

Heroine: Kiera Stevens

What’s in a woman’s heart…

Brilliant executive Kiera Stevens finds herself in a vulnerable position when she suspects insider espionage. Someone she trusts is stealing company secrets and threatening her professional future. What she needs is an undercover man…

What’s on a man’s mind…

Security expert John Atlantis never expected his client to be such a hot distraction. That’s what makes his covert plan to pose as her lover so irresistible. What unfolds between them is no ruse-and what it sparks is beyond their control.

Now, while their defenses are down, a devious high-tech spy is moving closer, and watching Kiera’s every move. What he sees, he likes. And what he likes, he takes.

I have read several books where the heroine would start to “cream” at the sound of the hero’s voice or upon seeing him. The books turned out to be okay reads despite the overused phrase and my skepticism of “cream at first sight”. A few days ago I started a new book and, again, the heroine in this story is mentioned “creaming” in every other paragraph. It is very off-putting. I am aware that I am reading an erotic romance but there are other authors who write good erotic romance books without the heroine and hero twitching so frequently.

The non-stop sex at the most unseemly times overpowers the plot to nearly nonexistent. The terms “staff” and “channel” is redundantly repeated over and over each time the couple has sex. The plot has a magic element that was not mentioned in the book blurb and I feel deceived by the lack of mention.

Between the dull dialogue, sexathon, uninspiring mystery, and misplaced plot, the book has more than three strikes to break my reading concentration.

Grading: DNF