What Grabs My Interest: # II

Posted on February 25, 2010


I love it when an author make excerpts available for their books. One of the ways for me to gauge an author’s writing and/or see if I will like the story is to read a sample of their work. Not too long ago, I posted a few excerpts that made my book buying decision easier. Here’s a few more book excerpts that popped out for me.

Can you guess what books they are? One or two excerpts here may be easier to guess than the ones I posted before.

Hint: If you have clicked on any of the book covers on the right side screen, you may have read the excerpt that I have linked to the cover.

[This author is an editor-in-chief of a weekly paper during the day and a historical/contemporary romance writer at night.]

There was nothing to stop her from printing every word he said, nothing to stop her from taking her embarrassment out on him once her hangover had passed. He had a feeling she wasn’t used to drinking and that, while she might be adept at asking tough questions, those questions probably never involved anyone’s views on oral sex.

But in short order, she’d peppered him with an array of queries.

“Do women really taste like tuna?”

“No. Absolutely not.”

“Is it fair that some men expected a woman to give them head but refused to return the favor?”


“Do men like regular sex or getting head more?”

“That depends on the moment — and the woman.”

If she was trying to turn him on, she was doing a good job of it. He took a sip of whisky, nearly choked at her next question.

“What does it feel like to be inside a woman?” She leaned toward him, her gaze fixed on his, her chin resting on her hand.


[The author of chick lits, her heroines are very family-oriented.]

“Fine,” he acquiesces, leaving whatever morsel lurks at the back of his mouth for later enjoyment. “You want to hear the reason? I just don’t find you attractive enough. Sorry.”

My mouth drops open yet again. “Not attractive! Not attract—I’m very attractive!”

Jason rolls his eyes. “Sure. A handsome woman. Whatever. And with shoulders like those, you could find work down on the docks.”

“I row!” I protest. “I’m strong! That’s supposed to be sexy.”

“Yes, well, proving that you could pick me up didn’t exactly set my libido on fire.”

“We were horsing around!” I cry. It was, in fact, the one lighthearted moment in our courtship…we’d been hiking, he complained that he was tired, I took over. End of story.

“You gave me a piggyback ride for a mile and a half, Chastity. That’s something a Sherpa should do, not a girlfriend.”

“It wasn’t my fault that you couldn’t manage a measly twelve-mile trail!”

[This author does not maintain a website due to a previous stalker fan.]

“Oh, God, here comes another one,” he groaned, gripping her hand, and sure enough, her belly began to tighten. She fell back, gasping, trying to find the crest of the pain and ride it.

“This is going to be an only child,” he panted. “There won’t be another one, I swear. God, when is he going to get here?”

“Soon,” she answered. She could feel the deep, heavy tightening within. Their son would arrive soon.

He did, within half an hour. Dane wasn’t able to be there during delivery; the doctor had been forced to give him a sedative to ease his pain. But when Marlie woke up from an exhausting doze, he was sitting in the chair beside her bed, looking pale and exhausted himself, and he was holding the baby.

His rough face broke into a grin. “It was rough,” he said, “but we did it. He’s great. He’s perfect. But he’s still going to be an only child.”

[This author doesn’t just write historical romance, she also makes her own historical garments.]

“This is nonsense.” She crossed her arms on her chest. “ Ye need to come to yer senses and end this game ye’re playing with me.”

“I assure ye, Bronwyn, ‘tis no a game.” He lost his teasing air, his face taking on a determined expression that sent a chill down her back. “I plan to wed ye.”

She gasped, startled by his announcement. The man was boldness incarnate. “It is a game. Always with me there is the struggle to win. I am nae the first woman that has been taken to be held up as prize between two arguing me. Or clans.” Bronwyn shook her head, offering him a kind look in the hope that it might appeal to his sense of fairness. “Gave done, Cullen and send me home. My father will never change his ways, nae even for me.”

He stopped when she moved, a frown marking his mouth. “I’m sorry for that, Brownyn.”

“I won’t marry ye.” It was the only threat she held. His eyes narrowed when her words hit him.

“Then ye’ll watch our first child be baptized a bastard.”

I’ll post the title and covers of the books in a few days. 😉

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|Update 03/03/10|

The cover of the books are now posted next to the snippets. 😉 The titles were guessed correctly by each of you and they are:

– Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

– Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins

– Dream Man by Linda Howard

– In the Warrior’s Bed by Mary Wine

Thanks, ladies, for guessing!