Monthly Read: January 2010

Posted on February 20, 2010


My total count of books read @ January was 8 books. Overall, the books I read were pretty decent reads. I didn’t get to review any of them. I should say that I will try to work on my time management better next time but when RL + writing slump team up nothing comes to mind!

January Reads:

1) Coming Undone by Lauren Dane, B+

Simple, sexy romance and very close-knit family relationships. Lots of hot nooky. Another solid read from Ms. Dane.

2) Laid Bare by Lauren Dane, B-

Wasn’t going to read this book because of the threesome but Coming Undone changed my mind. I enjoyed Laid Bare but I wasn’t too convinced of the attraction between Todd and Ben.

3) I’m In No Mood For Love by Rachel Gibson, C-

Yawn. I skimmed read here. I heart friends to lover stories but this was pulling teeth to finish.

4) The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins, C-

The blurb lied. Ethan didn’t do much to convince Lucy “that the next best thing can really be forever”. Minimal romance between Lucy and Ethan, and the HEA for Lucy appeared more scripted than the result of her feelings for him. Could use some POVs from Ethan since the way Lucy describes him is so nondescript.

What I used to love about Ms. Higgins’ writing now annoys me. Lucy talks too much to herself. I talk to myself too but I think Lucy goes overboard talking around herself.

5) Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins, C

I think I missed out on a childhood. Or have no imagination. Because I never thought to make up one boyfriend much less several like Grace did. One or two name droppings would be realist except Grace dragged her imagination on for too long. Grace and Natalie tap dancing each other annoyed me, and Natalie’s ending was overkill.

6) Breakfast in Bed by Robin Kaye, B-

Clueless hero desperate to become a Domestic God for a job gets lessons from rich heroine who knows how to boil water and laundry her own clothes. Quirky read with laugh out loud moments.

7) Slow Heat by Jill Shalvis, B

One helping of laid back hero + Two helpings of uptight heroine = Opposites attract. Kidding. Sam wasn’t that uptight. I expected more from Sam and Wade after reading Double Play. I wasn’t as drawn to the two as I did with glimpses of them in the previous book. Though it looks like I’m in the minority once again because many bloggers raved about this book. Love that baseball didn’t overwhelm the story. Witty characters with witty dialogues.

8) In the Warriors Bed by Mary Wine, B

Hero kidnaps rival’s daughter – with the King’s blessing – to marry after her father besmirched his good name at the King’s court. Said father is mad with years of hatred because Cullen’s mother was his ex-fiancé. Never mind that she became “ex” after he lost her contract in a game. Sexy, understanding Scot. Brave, feisty heroine. Simple but enjoyable.

Same as Nath, I started tracking my book purchases monthly beginning this year. For January, I purchased 12 books but only read 5 books out of the batch so not even 50% read. On the upside, I was able to read 3 books from the TBR pile. 😉

[ Note: All gradings are based on my enjoyment — or lack thereof — and mood at the time of reading. ]