Many randomness

Posted on February 6, 2010


• I woke up to winter wonderland. We have a winter storm in the Philadelphia Area and Southern Jersey regions, snow ranging anywhere between 8 to 23 inches. Fortunately, my area is only expected to receive about 8 inches. Philadelphia and Southern Jersey are hit with the worst at almost 2 feet of snow!  As much as I love the white scenery, I’m snowed in and I wanted to go out and do some furniture shopping. Why couldn’t the storm arrive during the weekdays instead, preferably Monday or Thursday nights? Next time please?

• My house is a mess. We are just now getting the basement finished since we bought our home. The past several weekends were spent putting up wood beams and drywalls and lighting…okay, I didn’t  put up anything but I supervised and cooked meals for my family who did, lol! There are tools and materials littered from the foyer to the garage to the basement – it’s a chaotic mess and we’re not even a quarter of the way done!

• I have started reading again. It’s Day 6 in the 2nd month of the New Year and so far I have been able to read three books continuously. I started on the third book yesterday and I haven’t felt the urge to throw the book down and reach for another. [cross fingers!]

• It stinks but now I’m in a writing slump. I can’t seem to formulate my thoughts to review the books I’ve read. There are several good reads I want to share my thoughts on but I can’t write up any coherent reviews; instead I end up summarizing the storylines and dead-end from thereon. It is very maddening. I know I’m pushing too hard when I don’t need to…but nothing seems to be right these days.

• Please excuse my squealing [okay, and bragging] but guess what? I am expecting a shipment of books recently ordered – 23 books to be exact! And all for under than $30! I have no control when it comes to book purchases. I blame it on the store, they are offering free shipping on purchases of $25 and the books were $1 or so each! When I am on sabbatical from buying, I can do it for a period (mainly, very short period) but when I start back up I book binge like a maniac. Where am I going to put all the books? I hadn’t thought about that yet, ha. Knowing my craziness with organization, I have to buy more boxes soon to store the books. But wait, my basement is under construction so where will the boxes go? Ugh, I didn’t think about that either…

I ordered the books from this site, I love ordering from Abooktrader. The service is awesome, the selection and quality of the books pretty decent, and the prices are so discounted! I’m not getting paid for advertising their site, I just wanted to share one of my fave UBS. Aside from the two UBS near my home, Abooktrader is the only other store I frequent for purchasing used books en masses. I’ve discovered the store since 2005 and have not been disappointed with any purchase, and I’ve ordered from them countless times. I can’t wait for my books to arrive! How many of the books I will actually read before losing them in the stacks of other books I have, I can’t say. Lol.