2009: New-to-Me Authors

Posted on January 8, 2010


Ah, time is running out on me! I’ve only read one book so far this week. Ugh, just one! I’m so sad that my reading time is severely limited these days. BUT I still look for books to purchase. Some days, I just get this itch to go out and shop…for books! And when I come out empty-handed, it makes me so sad.

I read quite a few books the last week of December and they were pretty entertaining. I hope to review some, if not all, of them. But you know, time is short and I’m slow so…it’s slow coming and highly unlikely that I’ll get to review all. lol. Ah well, there’s always mini-reviews.

I’ve decided to list the authors that were new-to-me in 2009. In a previous post, I mentioned that I will continue to follow 29 authors out of the list of 50. Some of these authors have been writing for years! As I’m not always patient when it comes to waiting for books to be release, it makes me happy to see a backlist to play catch up to. Of course, I already started to glom some of the backlists but I’m a long way from finishing all.

I didn’t realize it but I read a good mix of genres – Historical, Contemporaries, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Westerns, and Erotica. I think I read more contemporaries than the other genres. For 2010, I hope to read more RS because I love them. Any genre I’m missing out on? If so, author/title recs please!

To the debut authors, I can’t wait to see your future works. Thank you for entertaining me!