Posted on January 1, 2010


I debated about having the post about my RL live. In the end, I’ve decided not to publish it. I’ve re-read my words about a hundred times and it seems too much a pity-fest. I hate it when I start to pity myself. And honestly, you wouldn’t like me either if you read it.

I know I can’t truly reminisce about the past year if I don’t say what happened. So I’ll give you the very condense version that 2009 was not a healthy year, family and work. Not to sound pitiful and boring but I really wish for some happiness and health for my family in this New Year. It is difficult to remain strong, stoic, and cheerful in the midst of so much stress and depression.

As far as New Year’s resolution goes, can one learn patience and stress less?

Another thing I’ve decided against posting is my total reading list for 2009. It is too long and I had posted my monthly reads from August through November (December forthcoming) so reposting will be redundant.

My total reads for the year is actually 198 books. The count changed from previous mention because I forgot that I hadn’t started tracking my monthly reads until May so from January through April, I had only track the reads as “yes” for having read the book. [I know, what was I thinking?!] Fortunately, I had a column for year of purchase so I could differentiate what I read in those four months from prior years.

Due to my reading slump and other unfathomable reasons, there were 31 books that I started to read and couldn’t finish – aka they were DNF reads. Because of the reading slump and I didn’t indicate the DNF by month, I can’t differentiate true DNFs from reading insomnia. For these two reasons, I won’t list those DNF titles.

For new-to-me authors, I’ve discovered 50 new authors, 29 of which I will continue to check out in 2010 [cringe].

• My favorites of the new-to-me authors are:

1) Patricia Briggs, Alpha and Omega series

2) Lauren Dane, The Chase Brothers series

3) Suzanne Enoch, Reforming a Rake, Book #1 in With this Ring series

4) Nalini Singh, Angels’ Blood and Psy-Changeling series

• Honorable mention:

1) Meljean Brook, Demon Forged

2) Victoria Dahl, Lead Me On

3) Marie Force, Love at First Flight (one of my “wow” reads, review forthcoming)

4) Sarah Mayberry, Home for the Holidays

I hadn’t realize I was missing out on so many good authors! And who knows how many other authors I might be discovering in 2010…

Cheers to more fun-filled reading!


I didn’t intentionally pick four books for each mention. I only realize afterwards as I went back to review my post, lol.

ETA: Link for reading slump