Christmas, Blogging, and Blog Change

Posted on December 17, 2009


Some random musings in my head —

I’m fortunate enough to be with a company that is only getting bigger and better. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the mgmt of my group. When you start to lose respect for the people you work for and those you work with, any enjoyment had for the learning and doing is also lost. I have taken steps to change where I’m at and I’m hoping my request pans out. In the meantime, since mgmt found out about my plans most of my assignments were reassigned to others without a word to me. Their actions only reinforces my opinion that I’m doing the right thing. I don’t need stress from work, from people who don’t matter.

• After three weekends in a row of roughing through crowds at the malls and outlets, I am so done with Christmas shopping.  It is exhausting shopping for items that my family would like, but it’s worth it in the end to see them tear into their presents. I’ve found that the part of Christmas that I like best is unwrapping presents and tearing into the gift wraps. Lol. Hence, why I put up with the crowds instead of simply buying gift cards for everyone as TH suggested. Gift cards make great gifts but wrapping and unwrapping them is not so much fun unless I repackage them into bigger boxes. Even then, the fun only last so long because my family would have caught on after the first few presents are opened.


• One of the reasons I started a blog was because I wanted a place of my own where I could share and discuss my love of reading romances with other readers who enjoy the same. While my friends and family let me get away with ranting or raving about a certain character or storyline to them, the typical response I get is a head shake and an amused smile. There’s no fun in sharing my feelings about a book when I merely get tolerated reactions!

• I never thought that keeping a blog would be easy but neither did I think it would be so difficult. I find that writing down my reactions to a book is akin to me pulling out a loose tooth on my own – time consuming and painful to describe, lol. I can’t explain why but when it comes to discussing a book on paper, I often get stumped. It is so much easier for me to discuss a book verbally than it is to suit words to paper. I’ve even tried recording my thoughts and going back to transcribe them…but that takes double the effort. I envy admire bloggers who post reviews frequently. You guys rock.

So, I’m curious when and where bloggers find the time to compose their posts. Do you write at home, during work, en route to work, or some other time and place? I try to squeeze my writing during work. But I have a very inquisitive *cough* nosy *cough* co-worker who sits near me so I’m constantly switching windows so she doesn’t catch onto what I’m not doing. Haha.

• I’m looking to change the title of my blog. TH picked out the current title because I’m lousy at assigning a screen name for myself and thought he could be more creative. But I feel like the current title is misleading. What do you infer out of the title, ‘Tabz Book Blog’? How about Tabitha’s Chaotic Thoughts? Or Messy Reader since my post topics is all over the place, and not just on book reviews?

*TH = The Hubby
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