What happened to Breakfast in Bed by Robin Kaye?

Posted on December 13, 2009


Breakfast in Bed by Robin Kaye, Book #3 in the Domestic God series

Release Date: December 1, 2009 or January 2010?

Rich, the epitome of “anti-domestic,” can’t cook to save his life, and his idea of cleaning his apartment is to invite his mother over. But he’s ready to settle down, and he can’t stop thinking about the ex-girlfriend who got away. When he notices that his soon-to-be-married friends cooked and cleaned their way into their women’s hearts, he asks his friend Becca to help transform him into a nurturing man to win back his ex.

Rich is the only guy who’s taken the time to know Becca for herself. She decides she’ll give him the makeover he’s asking for, though she’ll be damned if she’s going to turn him into a domestic god for another woman. She wants Rich for herself, but how can she convince him that her kitchen and her bedroom are the only domestic locales he desires?

I’ve been at three different Borders bookstores within the past 2 weeks and none of the stores have Breakfast in Bed in stock. One clerk told me that their system shows BiB was listed to be released December 1, 2009 and their store have orders out for the book since mid-November but none has showed up and they don’t know why.

Amazon’s website indicates that Breakfast in Bed will be in stock December 16, 2009. I checked author Robin Kaye’s website and the release date now show January, 2010. What’s going on? I could not locate information on Ms. Kaye’s website indicating a release date change.

I know, a release date change isn’t that big a deal but I had to rant because BiB was one book out of a very few lately that I really want to read. Lol.

By the way, it appears BiB has a new cover. I think I like the previous cover more though. While the new cover of BiB is more bold and eye-catching, the lighter coloring on the previous cover was more similar to the other cover novels in the series. I’m assuming since the cover of Romeo, Rome (Domestic God book #2) already show a guy carrying a tray of food, keeping the original cover of BiB would make the covers too similar and repetitive.

Does anyone have better news to share about the release date?