October Monthly Reads

Posted on November 16, 2009


Ta da, I finally got my list of October reads together. The best part? I have it up two days sooner than last month’s monthly post. Lol!
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1) Coming Undone by Susan Andersen, C-

Have you ever read a book from beginning to end but not know what you read?

This was how it was for me with Coming Undone by Susan Andersen, book #4 in the Marine series. Jared Hamilton and Priscilla Jayne Morgan both appeared in Hot & Bothered, book #3, and I was excited to hear that they would have their own story together.

Instead, I didn’t connect at all with the two H/H, the suspense was weak, and the overall storyline was just boring to me. I did enjoy revisiting the old characters from the previous books but that was about it.

2) Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks, B-

I read erotic romance but not a fan of ménages. I won this book through the Borders True Romance Contest for Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks.

If you’re looking for a sexy read, this book has loads of it although the sexin’ did not start until mid-way through the book. The m/f/m action was pretty hot. I can’t say that I understand why a woman wants to play the submissive role but the writing kept me reading on.  I thought the suspense part of the story was thin though. I like the secondary characters, especially Micah’s character whose story will not be out until April 2010.

Demon Forged by Meljean Brooks3) Demon Forged by Meljean Brooks, B+

My first try at reading Meljean Brooks, this is book #8 in the Guardian series. It took some time for me to follow the various characters and who did what but once I caught on, this was a unique read. I like Irena’s character – despite her intense hatred for demons and her disappointment with her mentor, Michael, she still stands true to her duties. I love her courage, integrity and bluntness.

The world building is crazy in a good way, the cast of characters is mind-boggling, and the suspense had me straining in my seat. Even new to reading the series, the ending had me going “Wwhaat? How can he go like that?!” lol. Being that I’m a very impatient person, I can’t grasp how Irena let her pride extend in the way of her relationship for 400 years and vice versa for Alex. There are two more sets of romance introduced here and the one I’m really anxious to read is the one that garnered my earlier reaction, ha. [And isn’t the cover just hot? Okay, the woman is hot, hot, hot. 🙂 ]

4) Skin Game by Ava Gray, C+

Skin Game got many high reviews from romance blog land. Sadly, the book did not give me the same jolts. I wondered if something was wrong with me. Was it because of all the hype reviews on the book that got my expectations up and I expected so much out of it?…

While the heroine, a con artist, is an interesting character I couldn’t get into the story. As a long time con woman, how could Kyra not think of her safety after humiliating and conning the big-wig casino owner? Why did she take on a partner so quickly and without checking him out? Why did she not think anything more of the “coincidences” of seeing Reyes show up where she goes? Why was it that Kyra’s ability to absorb others peoples’ skills did not seem to work the same on Reyes after the initial contact?? I just couldn’t grasp the attraction between the H/H beyond the lust.

The book is not your normal romance with characters with white collar jobs; the world instead consists of hit men, killers, thieves, liars, etc. This premise makes a unique storyline but I finished the book with a yawn.

5) A Woman’s Touch by Jayne Ann Krentz, C

Typical JAK romance with hard-headed, alpha hero and stubborn, gutsy heroine.  The deed to a property that has been involved in two generations of rivalry is owned by the remaining heir, Rebecca Wade. The hero, Kyle Stockbridge, is bent on getting what he wants by whatever means he can get it and he does it be deceiving and seducing the heroine. The bantering was too annoying for me, especially when the hero behaves like such an arrogant know-it-all. I thought Rebecca’s resolution to the rivalry was pretty clever though.

A Weaver Baby by Allison Leigh6) A Weaver Baby by Allison Leigh, No Grade

I’m not giving a grade for this book. I can’t recall how much, if any, I like, or dislike, about the book. [I know, shame on me. 😦 ] I can only recall bits and pieces of what I read, one of which is that the blurb listed is misleading. Jake wasn’t aware that J.D. was pregnant when he offered for her to continue training his horses. J.D. ran from him because she assumed he wouldn’t be happy to be a father.  [What else is new? Lol!]

7) Straight from the Hip by Susan Mallery, B+

Part of a 2-in-1 review here.

8) Caleb by Sarah McCarty, D-

Review here.

9) Heartless by Diana Palmer, B-

Review here.

Winter Roses by Diana Palmer10) Winter Roses by Diana Palmer, C-

Walmart re-shelved this book and the blurb was too familiar so I couldn’t tell it if it was really a new story or not. When I got home I realized it wasn’t a new story but decided to re-read it anyway. Typical DP formula but heavier on the heroine having no backbone and the hero is just really dumb to listen to outrageous lies from someone who is obviously not right in the head. Usually, DP lets the hero grovel x 10 (I like!) to make up for the stupid things he said and done to our undeserving, angelic heroine but it didn’t happen in this novel so I’m annoyed and grading it so.

11) Black Hills by Nora Roberts, B-

Review here.

12) Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter, B-

Book #1 in the Atlantis series, I was quite surprised to enjoy this book. If you don’t nitpick the plot, it is a very light, easy, and fun reading. Bearing that you are reading a paranormal romance then you would be willing to suspend belief that a modern heroine would not hesitate to give up her world to live in another that is full of vampires, dragons, nymphs, etc. [I wouldn’t unless the underworld has all the modern conveniences available to me + a hunky man to keep me company too? Yesss.]

Discovering Dani by N.J. Walter13) Discovering Dani by N.J. Walter, C-

A free Amazon novel on the Kindle, I read this on my iPhone. The romance was too easy and the characters had no depth. The heroine invited the hero to dinner with her family only moments after he mistaken her for a thief and subsequently manhandled her. The heroine took a 360 degrees turn from a gutsy, confident woman to a needy, frail, long, lost lover.  It’s a bit much to take in when the heroine collapses on the floor, curling, and crying onto herself after the hero stopped coming to see her – and he hadn’t as yet declared his feelings for her.

14) Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, B

This was an entertaining read, more so than the three novels I read before it. If I don’t analyze the plot overly much, I won’t question why a sane woman would have sex with a stranger who entered her house uninvited. All qualms aside, I found the action to be pretty fast-paced and the romance sweet.

P.S. I don’t like Mr. X.

[Oops, I had a short memory lapse and forgot to include the last paragraph!]

I’ve been reading between 12 – 14 books for the past several months now. I don’t think I’ll ever return to those months of reading 20+ books. In a way, that’s a good thing because I would purchase books less frequently [yeah, right] and put some dent in the TBR pile. [uh huh] On the other hand, I miss finishing a new release as soon as it comes out!

[ Note: All gradings are based on my enjoyment — or lack thereof — and mood at the time of reading. ]