Ramblings! On TGIF, Fall Back DST, and Happy Halloween!

Posted on October 30, 2009


Yes, today is Friday! To make it even sweeter, my office is pretty empty of people – specifically, the micromanaging managers. So instead of working, I decided to work on changing the layout of this blog. It was so much hard work. Ha, not. I heart pre-made templates!

Halloween-Pooh-Pirate-CostumeTomorrow is Halloween! My two year old nephew will be dressing up as a pirate. I can’t wait to see his pic! (although, I’m sure Winnie the Pooh pirate isn’t what my nephew has in mind, ha!)

Btw, fall Daylight Savings Time will kick in for the fall at 2am EST on Sunday, November 1st. Woot, one extra hour of sleep!

Tomorrow night, TH suggested that we watch The Proposal. He knows I’m a big fan of Sandra Bullock and I haven’t yet watched this movie. He says it has been a while since we hung out together on a Saturday night. [translation] We can be in the same room but yet not speak to each other – I would be engrossed in reading one of my books and he would either be watching his TV shows or playing video games. Haha. [end translation] But seriously, I think his motive is to avoid opening the door for the little trick-o-treaters’. Poor kids!

Have a nice weekend, everyone! I’m going to prolong mine as best as I can. Come Monday, most of the managers and my coworkers will be back in the office *sigh* What a short reprieve!

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