My goodies are held hostage!

Posted on October 29, 2009


amazonI love me my books. Once I place an order of books, I anxiously await for them to ship. Generally, my wait time is only a few days if the book is available immediately for shipping. There are only a few stores online that I order books from and I do so only because of lack of availability at my local store. is a frequent site I purchase my books from because of their large selection and availability of books. It is rare that I am disappointed with their service.

My recent purchases are not the case. I ordered Bed of Roses by Nora Roberts weeks ago and Amazon has yet to ship the book I pre-ordered. Estimated delivery date is November 9, 2009. Apparently, they’re holding my book hostage due to other pending orders I made. But that has never been a problem before as the books were shipped separately as they become available. What is the point of pre-ordering a book if it will not be delivered until weeks after the release date? This is what I get for being suckered into the cheaper pricing of a book. This is the second time this happen with a pre-order book. Why did I not learn my lesson the first time around?! I want to read Bed of Roses!

DesktopNot only this, another one of my orders is being held at the local post office for me to pick up because Amazon has “requested delivery confirmation” and I wasn’t at home during the time of delivery. When have they started doing this? Furthermore, the mailman leaves a note that I can have them redeliver the box or do pickup at the store. I leave a note for redelivery and they ignore it. What is the point of giving me options? On a good day, I can get home by 7pm EST but that’s few and far between. The local post office closes at 5:30pm EST weekdays. Now I have to wait until the weekend to get my books and this is hoping that they’re not returned back to the sender. Demmit, Saturday cannot arrive fast enough.