September Monthly Reads

Posted on October 18, 2009


Sept Reading_IconOctober is half over and I’m just now getting around to posting my reading list for September. What can I say – I’m a late bloomer, lol. September and the first half of October were crazy months at work. Several times I found myself crying quietly and declaring to quit work. But commonsense prevailed after each bout of crying and I had to bite down on my teeth so as not to declare my intentions for quitting. Quitting would mean no income for books. Really, I mean no income for the mortgage, student loans, and various house bills.

Without further ado, the below is a list of my September reads. Total reading books for September was a count of 12, which is pitiful compared to my prior history for reading and I gladly put the blame on work.

1) Getting Lucky by Susan Andersen, C+

An enjoyable, light reading. Susan Andersen has a way with her writing that easily lifts my mood. Click for review of Getting Lucky.

October Reads12) On the Prowl by Patricia Briggs, A-

3) Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs, B+

4) Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs, B+

Patricia Briggs’ is a new-to-me author. I started on her books a bit backward, having read Hunting Ground, Book #3 in the Alpha and Omega series first. I enjoyed the 3rd book so much that I immediately bought Cry Wolf, Book #2, and then On the Prowl anthology which contained the story that started the series, Alpha and Omega. I heart Charles and Anna as a couple. In Alpha and Omega, Anna was a quiet and timid person having been brutalized in her pack. With Charles as her mate, Anna became more confident and capable of her abilities as an Omega wolf, which was to calm wolves and tame their violence. With Anna as his mate, Charles had more to live for. Although he still performed his role as enforcer for his father, Charles was not working on autopilot as he was before. I can’t wait to read more of these two. Ms. Briggs has a nice blend of romance and fantasy here.

October Reads25) Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, B+

6) Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs, B-

Having enjoyed the Alpha and Omega series, I was curious to see what the Mercy Thompson series was about. Moon Called is book #1 in the Mercy Thompson series and Blood Bound is book #2. Both books were good, although the writing is in first person here whereas Alpha and Omega is in the 3rd person. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this series just as much as the previous one. Mercy Thompson is one kick a** heroine. I love that she’s a mechanic, something I’ve always wanted to be but is merely a pipe dream. Adam Hauptman is hot although our heroine saves his butt more than once. I was questioning my sanity for liking a guy who couldn’t seem to save himself but then I said, what the heck, a guy can have a bad day – or days, lol. The Mercy Thompson series is more fantasy than romantic as you only get brief glimpses of Mercy and Adam together. But I’m hoping that will change as their relationship progresses. I still have two more books that have been released in the series to read so for those of you who read all the books already, please tell me I’m not hoping for naught.

Bronze Mystique by Barbara Delinsky7) Bronze Mystique by Barbara Delinsky, C-

I picked up Bronze Mystique on impulse because I liked the cover. A quick glimpse of the first page of the book was interesting so I grabbed the book and ran to checkout. However, the rest of the book was not so interesting. I am aware that Bronze Mystique is one of the books being re-released under Harlequin Famous Firsts Collection so the book is dated. It wasn’t so much the writing that I found to be lacking, it was the speed at which the main players, Doug Donahue and Sasha Blake, fell in love and professed their feelings. I’m not a big fan of speedy love and combined with the mediocre suspense, this was a dull read.

8) Immortal Danger by Cynthia Eden, C+

I’ve enjoyed Cynthia Eden’s novels in her Midnight trilogy but Immortal Danger was a so-so read.  While the action is plentiful so was the lust which I felt overpowered the storyline. However, one passable reading won’t stop me from reading Ms. Eden’s novels as I’m pretty fond of her writing voice.

9) Drawn in Blood by Andrea Kane, C

Andrea Kane is one of my favorite authors. However, her recent releases have not been up to par with her previous writings including Drawn in Blood which features the same main characters as the previous novel, Twisted. Click for review of Drawn in Blood.

10) Heat Seeker by Lora Leigh, B- C+

Lora Leigh’s Breed series is my favorite of her novels. I try to keep up with her other books but so far I have only been able to follow the Tempting Seals and Elite Ops which is an arc off of the Tempting Seals. When I reviewed Heat Seeker I quite enjoyed the book and gave it a pretty decent grade. If I had waited until now to review it, I would give it a tad lower grade. While my enjoyment of the book did not change I don’t think it merited the grade I had given. Click for review of Heat Seeker.

October Reads311) Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward, C+

12) Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward, C-

Amongst my friends, I’m generally the last person to jump on a bandwagon to do anything. If I was a player in a suspense novel, I would probably be the victim lying dead somewhere because I’m so stubborn to follow someone. Okay, bad comparison no? I have heard of J.R. Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for some time now but was stubborn to pick up any of the books because I read too many mentions of them. But in surfing the readers’ blogs recently I came across a comment at one of the blogs that intrigued me – I can’t say what was written because I already forgot it but I remember Rhage and Mary Luce’s relationship was emphasized. So…I caved in. I read Lover Eternal, Book #2 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and it would have a higher grading except for the fact that all the Ebonics really confused me. Okay, a lot of the terminology and references confused me but that may be because 1) I’m easily confused and 2) I didn’t take the time to sit down and memorize the glossary terms. I read Lover Awakened, Book #3, because I hate giving up on a series too quickly. Sadly, Zsadist and Bella’s relationship was somewhat dry to me. I don’t think I’m giving up on this series though I will wait to purchase the rest of the books used.

So October is mid-over and my reading still haven’t gotten better. I haven’t taken a look to see what the count is but I’m sure I haven’t read that many books. My TBR pile is still growing but the time just isn’t there. Maybe with the holidays coming up, I can sneak more reading in during my days off! (although that is way optimistic, lol)