Review: Getting Lucky by Susan Andersen

Posted on October 12, 2009


Getting Lucky Susan Andersen

Series: Marine #2

Hero: Zach Taylor

Heroine: Lily Morrisette

Lily Morrisette wants roots, respect, her own business, and independence. So what is she doing on a road trip with a good-looking marine who’s carrying her into the heart of serious peril?

It started out as an impulsive lark fueled by her strong chemical reaction to sexy Zach Taylor — a tough, blustery, yet tender-in-spite-of-himself career military man who’s determined to break up his darling “baby sister” Glynnis’s wedding engagement. But there’s no Glynnis waiting for them at the end of the line — only a ransom note . . . and a death threat.

Amid a dangerous nest of family secrets, the heat between Zach and Lily soon becomes unbearable as a kidnapper’s dark and twisted scheme pulls them closer than either dreamed possible. And when passion explodes, Lily’s reckless act could prove to be either the best risk she’s ever taken . . . or her last.

It’s Monday again. I’m so excited to be back at work. Not. I’m already mentally counting down to Friday. How I love my job, huh?

Anyhow, on to my review — I read Getting Lucky by Susan Andersen last month and  had partially written a draft review when I set it aside to write another review…and then forgot about it. Lol. I picked Getting Lucky because it was in my TBR pile for awhile now, and reading this book helped put a dent in the pile – albeit a small dent but hey every dent count right? Haha.

When I need something to cheer me up, I head for a chit lit or straight contemporary book to read.  Something about a straight romance story can clear my mind much faster than a romantic suspense or paranormal story with twists and turns. Jennifer Crusie, SEP, Rachel Gibson, Susan Andersen, and Kristan Higgins are a few authors who have succeeded in cheering me up.

Getting Lucky was a quick, light read with some funny moments. Having only one family member left, Zach Taylor is a stubborn, overprotective brother to younger sister, Glynnis. To Lily Morrisette, he is crude and a jerk because despite thinking that she was a gold digger, he was attracted to her.

When Zach arrived at his sister, Glynnis’, home to find Lily living there he assumed she was a gold digger out for his sister’s inheritance. Glynnis was known for befriending the wrong people and because she was due to get a sizable inheritance, Zach jumped to all kinds of conclusions when he found out Lily was renting a room at his sister’s place. When he found out that Gynnis wasn’t at home but had left to visit her fiancé’s family — a guy he’s never met much less told that they were engaged — Zach thinks Lily and David Beaumont were out to con his sister who he believes is too naïve and trusting for her own good.

Determined to break off his sister’s engagement, Zach sets out to David’s home which is on an island off of Washington State. Lily is accompanying him because she refused to give up David’s address and have Zach go off on his own — she likes David and thinks he’s a good person for Glynnis. Secretly trailing the two from California to Orcas Island is Miguel Escavez, a young Colombian national who has a grudge against Zach.

Upon arriving at David’s home, Zach and Lily discovered that David’s family received a ransom note for the kidnapping of David and Glynnis. While Zach enlist the help of two of his fellow Marine buddies to search for the kidnapper, Lily plays chef to the Beaumont’s household. What Zach doesn’t know is that Lily is a chef who works for a corporate yacht for periods at a time and was saving money to open her own restaurant. She was temporarily renting a room in Glynnis’ home because her apartment was converted to a condo and wasn’t worth her buying it as a permanent place to live.

The verbal sparring between Zach and Lily was cute as Lily did not hesitate to give as good as she gets. During their time spent together en route to David’s home, Zach got to see Lily as a woman who can take care of herself beyond applying make-up and dressing fashionably. Through their stay at David’s home, Lily saw beyond Zach’s jerkiness exterior as a man who cares deeply for his sister — hence, the over protectiveness.  There is also an interesting side story with Jessica Beaumont, one of David’s cousins, where Lily helped Jess build her confidence with a mini-makeover.

However, the story with Miguel, an arrogant, hotheaded man bent on revenge seems like a filler to get the relationship between Zach and Lily closer. I know this is how romance works but it’s an eye-roller for me when after our hero and heroine do the deed, the heroine comes to this revelation that she’s in love with the hero. So is the case with Lily after she and Zach first slept together. Then when Lily later shares her feeling with Zach and he, scared, says he “doesn’t do love” Lily runs out and this is when Miguel play his part which I find to be more comic than terrifying.

I also find it out hard to believe that as a marine with nearly two decades of experience, Zach was unaware that he was being trailed across the states. Maybe his mind was occupied with thoughts of his sister’s welfare and the unwanted attraction to Lily but doesn’t some training become innate? Or he would’ve at least got that tingling at the back of his neck that someone was watching him?

While Getting Lucky did its work in lifting my mood, the plot wasn’t overly substantial or stimulating.

Grading: C+

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