Review: Drawn in Blood by Andrea Kane

Posted on October 3, 2009


Drawn in Blood by Andrea KaneSeries: Sequel to Twisted

Hero: Derek Parker

Heroine: Sloane Burbank

Former FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank has seen her share of danger. She’s faced down a serial killer and survived life-threatening injuries … but she never expected that danger to invade the lives of her family.

Then her mother is viciously attacked in the posh Manhattan apartment her parents share and it quickly becomes clear that this is no ordinary robbery. The thieves were too clever, too knowledgeable, and so obviously after something of her father’s. But what could a respected art dealer have done to merit such violence? When a mysterious message is left for him, Sloane knows her father’s in over his head. Determined to find out the truth, Sloane discovers a deadly secret buried in his past that has made him the target of a power-hungry mobster with a lethal agenda and nothing to lose.

Sloane is desperate to save her father, but to do so she must hold onto secrets of her own—especially from FBI Special Agent Derek Parker, the man she has grown to love deeply. She knows she must tell him everything, but how can she betray her father’s confidence? Can a couple who’s faced so much survive this ultimate test of trust? Will they survive at all?

As the decades-old secret claims the lives of her father’s oldest friends and the killer closes in on him, Sloane finds herself in foreign territory: alone, facing escalating personal danger, and hunting a moving target in a world where memories are long and loyalties are drawn in blood.

Drawn in Blood features the same main characters from Twisted, Derek Parker and Sloane Burbank. The story starts off with Rosayln Burbank, Sloane’s mother, attacked in the home she lives with her husband.  Matthew Burbank arrived home after a meeting with his friends to discover his wife was brutally beaten. From the descriptions his wife was able to describe of her assault, Matthew determined that his family was in danger due to an art sale that he and his partners had participated in a decade back. The sale took place in China and before it was finalized the buyer was murdered and Matthew and his partners fled the scene of the crime in fear that they would be accused. Believing that the murderer may now be seeking to silence him and his partners, Matthew confides to his daughter only after she promised not to reveal the details to anyone, including Derek.

The suspense side of the story started off slow for me and I had to force myself to continue reading after Sloane’s mother was assaulted. The fact that Matthew made his daughter promise not to reveal the real story behind the attack didn’t sit well with me. In forcing Sloane to promise her silence to him, he put his daughter in a very untenable situation as an officer of the law; and his wife even more at risk since she was not as alert as she should be — having been told that her assault was a robbery gone wrong. As a result, Rosayln was attacked a second time. If she hadn’t been quick on her feet, she would’ve been murdered and not just attacked. Matthew was stubborn and foolish to think that it would really save their lives if he kept quiet. The bad guys just don’t go away because you promise to stay mum.

I tried to picture myself scared and wanting to do whatever I can not to attract a killer’s attention including not involving the police. But my imagination wouldn’t stretch — having a daughter who was an FBI agent with years of field experience should have given Matthew some faith in the law. At the very least, trust his daughter to do what’s best for the family. Sloane could’ve also utilized the FBI resources to help solve the case sooner — in which case the bad guys would’ve been caught sooner, ha. Kidding aside, I don’t like how the case was resolved — ’twas too simple.

On the romance story, we get more interactions and lots more dialogues between Sloane and Derek. In Twisted, we saw Sloane and Derek more as colleagues than as a couple; however, Drawn in Blood shows the progression of their relationship and how the couple are working together to restore the bumps in their relationship.  Though, the dialogues between the two reminded me very much of Dylan Newport and Sabrina Radcliffe from Scent of Danger, another romantic suspense by Andrea Kane. Or rather, it was Dylan and Sabrina’s no nonsense, confident personalities that Derek and Sloane mimic.

The silence Sloane kept with Derek and Derek’s action in turn to protect Sloane from whoever may hurt her to break her father almost drove a wedge between their precarious relationship. Fortunately, Derek learned patience from their past breakup and held onto Sloane instead of giving up like he did the last time she pushed him away.

I understand Sloane’s loyalty to her father. What I couldn’t understand was why she was so hard on Derek when he worked around her to protect her. I felt like she was doing most of the taking and very little giving. In so many ways, Sloane got on my nerves. She just didn’t appear to respect Derek’s decisions as he did for hers.

I didn’t get pull into the story until nearly a third of the way through the novel — when pieces of the truth started coming together. Part of the reason is because Sloane and Derek didn’t interest me very much in the first book and the second didn’t peak my interest any more so than before. The mediocre suspense waned my attention all the more.

I hope there’s not going to be a third book on these two. My annoyances plus the reminiscent of the characters,

Grading: C+

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