Where do you read?

Posted on September 22, 2009


My friends call me obsessed.

They don’t understand my love of reading – worse, reading “smut” books as they define romance books. Instead of bar hopping, hanging out with friends at a karaoke, or joining a sports game I would prefer to stay home and read. Never mind that my alcohol tolerance doesn’t even apply to wine cooler, I can’t recall song lyrics much less sing them, and my ability to play a good sports game is bowling or tennis on the Wii system, said friends still accuse me of being a boring, old lady at 27 yrs.

How my friends can compare tossing shots to reading is beyond me. The money spent on books is priceless as compared to the costly drinks that are consumed and vomited out.

And since my time is severely limited by work and family obligations I have gotten to carrying a book with me at all times and fitting in a reading whenever I can.  The look on friends’ faces when they see me with a book in my tote is as if I had committed a crime. Oh, the joys of seeing each of their facial expressions when they saw my collection of books at home.

Secret Fire by Johanna LindseyWhen I first started out on romance books back in high school, I would tip the book cover away from any public eyes especially a cover with two people embracing (i.e. Secret Fire by Johanna Lindsey) or bold titles such as Mistress for a Night. But it’s no secret now to family and friends that I read Romance. Save for some covers that, for me personally, are too graphic to display to children, younger teens, or elders like my parents and their friends I don’t mind holding my books out in the open.

I have read books while being a passenger in the car, as I stand on the train platform waiting for the train to arrive, whilst eating dinner, and even as I’m at work waiting for my computer to boot up. Now before you laugh, I only do the latter when I’m the first person in to work. A few days a week I get into work at quarter of 7 a.m. so it’s nice and quiet and I can sneak a quick reading before any of my colleagues get into the office.

Hey, it’s hard to stop reading when you’ve reached a good point in the plot. Lol.

What are some of the places you read?

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