Review: Nightcap by Kathleen O’Reilly

Posted on August 30, 2009


Nightcap by Kathleen O'Reilly

Series: SEXY O’Sullivans #3

Hero: Sean O’Sullivan

Heroine: Cleo Hollings

Sean O’Sullivan’s claims that his family’s landmark bar is the victim of City Hall shenanigans only means more work for Cleo Hollings, the mayor’s number one mover and shaker. Since Sean’s got her busy, she decides she’ll keep Mr. Testosterone busy, too-but between the sheets. Yet sleeping with the hunky O’Sullivan isn’t that simple. Everyone said Sean would be inexhaustible-even unforgettable. Nobody warned her he was lovable, too. Now other clubs’ drinks taste like dust. Nothing measures up to a nightcap-with a chaser of O’Sullivan stud!

I had enjoyed reading Sex, Straight Up, book #2 in the SEXY O’Sullivans trilogy which featured Daniel O’Sullivan, Sean’s older brother, so when I saw Nightcap in the UBS store one day I did not hesitate to pick it up. I read Nightcap immediately because I wanted to finish another book within the month since my reading list for August has been been pitiful, lol.

Anyway, Nightcap featured two very sexy, strong characters. Sean O’Sullivan is an attorney specializing in medical malpractice and also part owner of the Prime bar with his two brothers, Gabe and Daniel. Cleo Hollings is New York City’s kick ass Deputy Mayor. The story started with instant attraction between the two.

Sean was known as a playboy and a user.  The first moment he saw Cleo, he wanted her but he also needed Cleo’s help.  The Prime had been the target of several regulation issues, the latest of which would shut down the bar for several days.  Sean assumed the problem was from Cleo’s office so what better way to get to the root of the problem than to approach the person who is behind it — or so he thought she was.

Cleo, who had little sleep from the ongoing negotiations of the transit strike within the City, was awoken from her brief nap to find Sean staring down at her.  Despite her immediate attraction to Sean, Cleo held her own — here is a lady who is smart, powerful, and confident of her sexualtiy.  She demanded to know who he was and what he was doing in her office.

Sparks flew between the two.  With Sean’s help, Cleo was able to stop the transit strike. To reciprocate, Cleo promised to look into the bar’s situation and to put the Prime back in business.  With their business out of the way, Sean asked Cleo out.  Cleo knows of Sean’s reputation but she figured there was no harm in them being together since she wasn’t looking for a long term relationship.  Cleo has another commitment that takes up nearly all of her time and having been heartbroken once before by an ex who couldn’t put up with her commitment, she no longer trust guys easily.  Cleo will soon learn otherwise that some guys can be trusted, and that she can have a relationship when both parties are willing.

This was a quick, enjoyable read.  The sex was hot and the family dynamics lively. I have two and half gripes about the book though — one of which was the epilogue. I love epilogues! But this one was too much, and too meh especially the epilogue on one of the brothers. The second gripe is that the situation with the Prime was too easily resolved.  The suspense of it seemed more like a filler, the details not so flushed out.  Lastly, the remaining half gripe was that I was hoping for more family interactions between the brothers. I don’t have a really close family so when I read about siblings who are close, I just want to read more. Lol.

Without the epilogue, I would give the book a B-. With the epilogue, C+.